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What participants think about us


Hi! My name’s Aino and I’m from Finland. It’s been only one week since I left Canarias, and I can’t forget the experience! I have left so many friends there. I loved the island, the weather, the people… It has been the best decision I have done. Canarias Mobility helped me with the accommodation, with the activities I could do in my free time… Now I have good memories to remember all my life!

My name is Frank and I’ m from Lithuania. I was on Leonardo da Vinci Mobility Programme for 14 weeks and in that time I have discovered a part of me which I didn’t know. I have lived in the same house with other persons, I have learnt how to cook, to share… I have never been alone before and now a little part of me has grown up. Canarias is very beautiful, I have visited lots of cities but I couldn’t explore all the island, so I will come back!


Hello! I’m Holy. I’m from Sweden. I came to Canarias as a Erasmus student and I fell in love with the island. I had a great time here and I learnt a lot. I came to improve my English and to live in a different place, in a different culture. My work placement was perfect and also the colleagues. I recommend to everybody to came here!!

My name is Martha and I’m from Greece. I was in Canarias on Leonardo da Vinci Mobility programme and I didn’t expect the experience would be so wonderful! Canarias Mobility chose a perfect place for me and they were there when I needed. I knew a lot of people and I learnt Spanish and I also improve my English. The people there are really nice and you can get to know them really easy. Thank you for the experience!